Video Service

The video service has several objectives:

  1. HD images of the event:
    • Downloadable short edited sequence with no additional graphics (rushes): interviews, Golden Nymph Awards Ceremony, Red Carpet, Photocall, all events
    • Screeners of the Official Selection and Public screening.
  2. Committee and Jury Members access for the screening
    • Committee and Jury members will have individual secure access for the screening of the programs in Competition.
    • The platform is secure and accessible only to members of the pre-selection committee during the selection phase.
  3. Video submission for the Golden Nymph Awards Competition
    • Once your submission has been validated by the Golden Nymph Awards Team, you will be able to upload your video, via your TV Festival Account
    • The videos are in low definition to make pre-selection screening easier and smoother

Use of the video

No commercial use



Only registered user can access the video service.

All the registration will have to be approved by the TV Festival.

The submission of the video will be made through your TV Festival account for the Golden Nymph Awards Competition.

Video Streaming

If you have any issues regarding the video streaming:

  • Update your browser to have the last version available.
  • Try to reload the page, by using the reload button on your browser.
  • The video stream can be block by your firewall. Please contact your IT Department.

If the problem, persist do not hesitate to contact us.

From phone or digital pad please use them horizontally. The responsive version is currently being developed.

Golden Nymph Awards Competition Upload videos

The system will automatically refuse videos that does not respect the following technical specification:

  • Video: 800x450
  • Image Frequency: 25p
  • Video Codec: .H264 (mpeg4) maximum 1mbit/s
  • Audio Codec: 2 ch -48000Hz – Codec AAC – max 128Kbits/s

The upload depends on your bandwidth and could take few minutes.

Download videos

Download of the videos depend on your bandwidth and could take few minutes.